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How often do you stand in front of your closet and feel frustrated (or even panicked?) before you go to a party or social event because you don't have the right outfit to wear?

Sure, you have tons of clothes packed into your closet, but nothing feels quite right for the party you're heading to.

Well, that frustration ends NOW.

This lively, interactive, and fun Zoom party will start you on the road to feeling more confident and beautiful every day. You'll shop your closet to prepare your party outfits ahead of time for three different social events, receive style advice and suggestions about how to elevate your look, and have more confidence in your ability to dress for social events with the clothes you already own!

After attending "The Art of Dressing for Social Occasions" you will feel:

1. More confident, because you will eliminate the guesswork about what to wear. Even the most successful people have crises of confidence when it comes to dressing for parties and business events.
2. More organized with just the right outfits for your social life.
3. More empowered, because you're free to express yourself through your clothing AND dress confidently for each situation.
4. More apt to say YES when invited to a social or business networking event, because you'll have all your outfits well organized ahead of time!

Let’s make good use of this time you're not socializing at parties to feel more confident about your appearance. You'll be ready to greet the world and hit the ground running when you're going to parties again!

Click the CHECKOUT button to register and DOWNLOAD THE WELCOME LETTER with detailed information and preparation instructions to attend the Zoom party.

See you at the Zoom Party soon!

Linda Waldon, Personal Stylist & Confidence Coach


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