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3 Style Mistakes That Make Women Look Older

Do you feel like you look a lot older than you feel?

It's easy to fall into a style rut especially when you've been avoiding looking in mirrors for a few years. It's time to update your appearance, breathe new life into your wardrobe and your look!!!

Learn the 3 most common mistakes women over fifty make that makes them appear older.

Love and Light,



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5 Daily Habits

The most confident, stylish women I know practice daily habits that support their rich lives. Habits keep you focused on the most important things in your life. These habits are not "rocket science." They're obvious, and you've thought about practicing all of them. Maybe you DO practice all of these habits. This book lists my top 5 habits that I work on every day and keep topmost in my consciousness. Enjoy!


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A Stylish Closet: The Joy of Capsule Wardrobes

If you've been frustrated getting dressed because you just have too many clothes...

If you'd like to learn how to refine your closet down to fewer, stylish pieces that are the RIGHT pieces...

If you'd like to learn how to build capsule wardrobes that ensure you're always looking put-together...


Then, this is the Zoom program for you!!

This 2-hour Zoom program is designed to help you BEGIN building capsule wardrobes so you can own less, live more, and discover the life you've always wanted.

Learn to dress minimally and create outfits effortlessly!

You'll learn:

- The importance of knowing the colors & styles that you love to wear every day

- 5 steps to begin creating capsule wardrobes that takes up less space in your life

- How to create a wardrobe that meets all your lifestyle needs

- Ways to create interesting outfits by adding texture and other design elements 

- How accessories play a big role in capsule wardrobes

- How to get even MORE out of your wardrobe in sustainable ways



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Body Confidence: Fall In Love With Your Body Again!

Congratulations! You are about to elevate your body confidence, which is so good for the mind, body, and soul. Discover your body confidence and be extraordinary!


  • Body Shape Analysis Quiz to determine your body type
  • 5 Video Lessons Teaching You How To Dress Your Shape
  • Fashion Inspiration Video Specifically For Your Body Shape


There are several steps in this Body Confidence Program, and you'll find all the instructions and links inside the Welcome Letter that you'll be able to download as soon as your purchase is processed. I hope you find the steps easy to follow and enjoyable! Remember, this is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. You're on a self-discovery journey which is magical and enlightening. We are imperfect beings -- all of us -- and the goal with this Body Confidence Program is to discover your happy place with the clothes you wear and the accessories you choose.

I am always an email away to help answer all your questions! Please feel free to send me questions at Include photos if you want my style advice.

Love and Light,



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Color Me Stylish!

Thank you for purchasing Color Me Stylish!

Get ready to introduce more color and pizzazz into your wardrobe!

Color YOU beautiful: dazzle, sizzle, attract and connect!

Congratulations on taking this important step to becoming a more confident and radiant woman inside and out! You are just days away from being able to change up your look by putting together color-coordinated outfits in a new and different way.

Color is the first thing I cover with my style makeover clients, as I think color is the most important thing to get right. Nothing will make you look older or more tired than wearing the wrong colors. By wearing your best colors, you can define your own unique style, present yourself in a way that earns immediate credibility and respect, and attract more of what you want in life.

You will have a wardrobe that you love and it loves you back. Imagine having a color-coordinated wardrobe that is orderly – AND getting dressed effortlessly on a daily basis!

This program is PACKED with color tips, techniques, and inspiration! You'll learn:

  • What color is and how we can harness the energy of color to change how we feel
  • How to determine your best color palette
  • How to create dazzling outfits by mixing colors in new and different ways
  • How to light up your face with just the right colors
  • Inspiring colorful outfits created specifically for your color palette

You'll receive:

  • 4 detailed color instruction video lessons
  • self-guided color analysis workbook
  • color inspiration videos with color-coordinated outfits in your color palette
  • a color palette card package that you can use to shop and clean out your closet.

After you've purchased the program, you'll click the Download button to receive your Welcome Letter so you can get started immediately on your color transformation!

Note: If you live outside the U.S., you will be charged an additional shipping fee (around $US15) to receive the color card package.

Love and Light,



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Discover Your REAL Signature Style

I created this fun style quiz to give you a glimpse of your REAL STYLE.

What do I mean by "real style?"

I mean the style you ASPIRE to. The way you want to dress, but for some reason you're not dressing that way.

Click the CHECKOUT button and fill in your name and email and you'll immediately receive a link to start the quiz.


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How To Look Good On Zoom


You have chosen my premiere program that gives you the confidence to stand out on virtual calls. Once you discover the simple computer and lighting setup, the colors that show up virtually, and how to create a consistent background, you will be at the top of your game in a new virtual world. This program is chock full of practical tips and Linda's kind, nurturing, and expert style advice!

Here's how this program works:

1. First, get ready to dig into the video lesson and do all the homework activities. You'll be amazed at how much you will learn about how to create the best environment for virtual calls, what to wear, and how to create a pleasing background setup. Save up all your questions from the lessons for when we meet virtually!

2. Next, you'll meet with a group on Zoom.

3. During our 60-minute Zoom group call, we will tweak your computer and lighting setup, I'll give you outfit ideas so you will be ready for your virtual meetings. I'll help you fine tune the colors you wear, makeup, and even your hair style! Bring all your setup and outfit questions!

Ready to take action to feel confident on Zoom calls? Finish the CHECKOUT process, then download the Welcome Letter and take the next step to becoming more and showing up as more!

Love and Light,



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Love My Style!

Congratulations on taking steps to Love Your Style! This mini-course is delivered in 4 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you create your signature style and express your personality in your appearance. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in your skin, and I can teach you how. It's time to bring your STYLE SIZZLE back!

Once your payment is processed you'll be able to gain instant access to all the resources, videos, and workbook. You'll be emailing me your homework assignments, and I'll give you instant style feedback. I'm with you every step of the way to answer your style questions, review your style photos, and give style advice.

Note: The personality assessment quiz referenced in this course is no longer available. If you'd like to take a personality assessment, I'll be happy to recommend another one for you. If you've taken a Myers Briggs or DISC assessment in the past you can use that in your homework assignment.

After you've completed this program, you may want to continue your style transformation by attending the rest of the program, so stay tuned for a special gift offer from me in a few days.

Welcome to our Love My Confidence Community!

Linda, Stylist to Women Over Fifty


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Love My Wardrobe!

Congratulations on taking steps to Love Your Wardrobe!

This mini-course is delivered in 4 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you create capsule wardrobes and organize your wardrobe and closet. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in your skin, and I can teach you how. It's time to bring your WARDROBE SIZZLE back!

Once your payment is processed you'll be able to gain instant access to all the resources, videos, and workbook. I'll be with you every step of the way to answer your wardrobe questions, help you decide what to keep and what to discard, and give you style advice and suggestions for wardrobe organization. If you're interested in creating a capsule wardrobe, I can help you with that, too!

After you've completed this program, you may want to continue your style transformation by attending the rest of the program, so stay tuned for a special gift offer from me in a few days.

Welcome to our Love My Confidence Community!


Linda, Stylist to Women Over Fifty


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Make Your Closet Sing With Linda!

If you're feeling discouraged and you're ready to get your closet to SING so you can ROCK your style again, Linda has a SUPER FUN, INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL ZOOM PROGRAM for you!

In this virtual program, you'll:

  • Discover what's working and not working in your closet
  • With Linda's help, decide what stays and what goes
  • Receive Linda's style advice and suggestions to create mix and match outfits
  • Get style tips to put together outfits in NEW ways!

It's Decision Time

Isn't it time to figure out what stays and what goes?

Imagine opening your closet with confidence every day!

Fall in love with your clothes again, click the Checkout button and get started!

What happens next?

1. You'll download a Welcome Letter with:

- What you'll be showing Linda during the call so you can pull the clothes ahead of time

- Zoom link and guidance to set up Zoom and best practices (in case you're new to Zoom)

- Bonus: DIY Closet Cleanout Guide just for you!

2. Linda will meet you and a small group of women for 2 hours on Zoom. Let the PARTY BEGIN!

Click the CHECKOUT button and register NOW!



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Shop Your Closet For Party Outfits!

How often do you stand in front of your closet and feel frustrated (or even panicked?) before you go to a party or social event because you don't have the right outfit to wear?

Sure, you have tons of clothes packed into your closet, but nothing feels quite right for the party you're heading to.

Well, that frustration ends NOW.

This lively, interactive, and fun Zoom party will start you on the road to feeling more confident and beautiful every day. You'll shop your closet to prepare your party outfits ahead of time for three different social events, receive style advice and suggestions about how to elevate your look, and have more confidence in your ability to dress for social events with the clothes you already own!

After attending "The Art of Dressing for Social Occasions" you will feel:

1. More confident, because you will eliminate the guesswork about what to wear. Even the most successful people have crises of confidence when it comes to dressing for parties and business events.
2. More organized with just the right outfits for your social life.
3. More empowered, because you're free to express yourself through your clothing AND dress confidently for each situation.
4. More apt to say YES when invited to a social or business networking event, because you'll have all your outfits well organized ahead of time!

Let’s make good use of this time you're not socializing at parties to feel more confident about your appearance. You'll be ready to greet the world and hit the ground running when you're going to parties again!

Click the CHECKOUT button to register and DOWNLOAD THE WELCOME LETTER with detailed information and preparation instructions to attend the Zoom party.

See you at the Zoom Party soon!

Linda Waldon, Personal Stylist & Confidence Coach


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Special Offer: Complete The Style Program

Congratulations on completing one of my Style Courses! Now you can enjoy the benefits of completing your style journey by finishing the rest of the program. No matter which module you started with, you'll be able to start from Week 1 and go through all 4 weeks at your own convenience. If you purchased all 4 modules, you would pay $196. This offer is a huge discount for only $79!

Style Success Fundamentals contains educational videos and personal style advice by Linda Waldon that will teach you how to:

  • Wear colors that make you look and feel radiant
  • Understand your body shape and the clothes that flatter your shape
  • Express your personality with a personal style that feels like YOU
  • Organize your wardrobe so you can build amazing attention-getting outfits

This completely virtual program was developed for women over forty. It contains 17 beautifully designed videos, 4 audio replays of past workshop group meetings, a personality assessment, bonus materials, and a color palette card to help you shop for the right colors (which you may already have). This program will teach you everything you need to know to reinvigorate your style and confidence!

For a complete description of the Style Success In Your Second Act style program, click here for more details.

As soon as you process your payment you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started completing the style program.

Here's to your Style Success!

Linda Waldon


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Style Mastery: Let’s take our work to a deeper level with more personalized style support


It's time to take our work to a deeper level with more hands-on support as you step into your style success! Get ready to crank up the personal style advice meter with even more 1:1 time with me (2 hours!), more style education about dressing the body you have today and creating your signature style.

Here's how this 2-part style mastery program works:

1. First, you'll complete a questionnaire that will allow Linda to get to know you and understand your style concerns & needs.

2. Next, you'll meet with Linda on a 60-minute Zoom session where she will give you an abundance of information about your best color palette, how to choose clothing, accessories and makeup using your color palette card, clothing strategies to dress your body shape, including creating good proportions and balance with layering, best hem length for tops, pants, and jackets, what shoes to wear, etc.

3. Your 2nd 60-minute Zoom session includes a determination of your signature style and how to put outfits together. Linda will talk about how to build a wardrobe of core staples in your neutrals and add pops of color and interesting pieces that express your signature style. You’ll receive guidance on accessorizing, hair style, flattering necklines, eyewear, etc.

4. After your session, Linda will email you a Style Guide with a summary of your best colors and signature style.

Save up all your questions from the lessons for when you and I meet virtually!

Ready to take action to feel confident? Finish the CHECKOUT process, and then download the Welcome Letter and let's get this show on the road to confidence!

Love and Light,





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Style Success in Your Second Act (Self-Guided)

Thank you for committing to take this style rediscovery journey! This SELF-GUIDED PROGRAM is going to walk you through a step-by-step process to transform into a stylish, more confident, woman. And don't worry, you're not in this alone! You'll receive mentoring and style guidance inside our Private Facebook Community with other past and present participants going through the program. But you'll be moving through the program at your own pace. There is no hurry...

There are 4 weeks, or modules, of lessons, and you can begin any time you're ready. You'll be asked to email me photos along the way so I can help you determine your best colors, your body shape, signature style, and the capsule wardrobes you need to live your best life. You won't be alone in this! I will mail you a beautiful color card package when we have determined your colors.

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive an email with a Welcome Letter that contains all the instructions you need to get started. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you don't get the letter. Or, if you have any questions or problems I'm always reachable via email at

**PLEASE NOTE** If you live outside the U.S., there will be an additional shipping charge of $15 added to the cost of the program. You will receive an additional PayPal invoice for the shipping charge before your color card package is sent to you. There is no additional charge to mail to a U.S. location.

Note: In Week 3 - Define Your Signature Style - you will be invited to take an online personality assessment. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the personality assessment any longer. I can give you some options to take alternate assessments if you're interested.


Here's to your Style Success!

Linda Waldon


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Style Your Way To Success in Your Second Act (Live)

Congratulations on taking this extraordinary step into NEXT LEVEL YOU! And welcome to amazing transformation inside and out. Style Your Way To Success in Your Second Act is a virtual, highly interactive workshop for women over 50 who are ready to release the self-doubt and ROCK their second act! Get ready to learn how to BE yourself while unlocking your natural beauty and ageless style!

Once the program begins, I'm going to teach you how to:

1. Show up more powerfully in dazzling colors that magnetize you inside and out!

2. Look sleeker and more body balanced in the right clothing proportions

3. Create a signature style that tells the world how fabulous you are

4. Design your dream wardrobe that fulfills all your needs so you can LIVE the life of your dreams!

As soon as you process your payment you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started creating your signature style immediately. You'll get a link that takes you to a workshop page that contains all the style videos, workbooks, group call dates and times, and a link to the Secret Facebook Page.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, March 8th, at 4pm Pacific Time | 7pm Eastern Time. That's our first live group call on Zoom (it's like Skype on your computer). We'll meet every week. The dates and times are in your Welcome Letter which you'll receive shortly.

I can't wait to get to know you in our weekly talks and Private Facebook Group that you'll share with the other workshop participants and Style Your Way To Success Group Members.

Enroll in Style Your Way To Success In Your Second Act, and rediscover, reinvent, and revitalize your beauty, body, and confident style.

See you on the first group call!

Love and Light,

Linda Waldon


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The Ultimate WARDROBE Checklist For Women

Congratulations on taking steps to uplevel your personal brand image! Your image IS your business. As much as we'd like to think our experience, wisdom, and knowledge will be enough, it's a fact that our appearance plays a role in attracting people and opportunities into our lives. I'm here to help you create an effortless, attractive, and put together wardrobe that will make you feel powerful and credible as you continue to follow your passion.

Please download this wardrobe checklist as a guide to create your professional brand image! And if you would like my profesisonal help, please let me know how I can help you dress in a way that builds trust, competency and credibility at work.


Linda, Stylist to Women Over 50




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Your Image IS Your Business

Here is my gift to you: A 3-Step Plan to take your personal brand from ho-hum to ATTRACTION MACHINE. Get life-changing tips for stepping up your style, catapulting your confidence, and even engaging in a little swagger (va va voom!) from time to time! I hope you get a lot of value out of this book, and take advantage of my personal styling services and online style courses to help you go from Frumpy to Fabulous. I would love to hear from you!

With Love and Light,



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